• 知恵と五感のもの造り
  • もったいない見える化改善 精密にして精巧 日本が世界に誇る「もの造り」の心と技 今、KSKがお届けします。
  • 心をこめたもの造り
  • エイジングフリーカンパニー バリアフリーファクトリー


Corporate Information

Making sure that we continue to receive high acclaim from our customers for our ability to continue with our Kaizen activities, our technological skills and our manufacturing skills, we at KSK constantly think about how we can contribute to society via the automotive industry and have established a system in which we are able to supply products that provide optimal quality at competitive low prices as swiftly as possible in the quantities needed when they are needed.

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Messages from Experienced Workers

Here we introduce messages from the experienced workers who operate on the KSK front line.