Here we introduce messages from the experienced workers who operate on the KSK front line.

Everybody was asked to provide answers to the following during a round-table meeting.
(1)What does your job entail?
(2)What is the most important part of your job?
(3)Please send a message to the people wishing to join the company.

1. Design Section, Development Department:
Ryuhei Fujii(Joined the company in 2016)

  1. ① My main job involves examining the shape of products with the use of CAD software, etc., and drawing up plans that reflect requirements that come from customers and within the company.
  2. ② I try hard to be even more systematic in my actions while ensuring the basic “report, contact and consult” policies.
  3. ③ I work in an environment with a very bright atmosphere in which the veteran workers and my superiors are all very kind. Why not come and work together with us?

Ryuhei Fujii

2. Production Technology Section, Technology Department:
Yuki Sakabe(Joined the company in 2015)

  1. ① My job involves facility design. I design equipment using 2D CAD based on the product designs received from customers.
  2. ② Making sure that the facilities I have designed can be used easily and safely by anyone on the production line, and occasionally assembling or processing the facilities I have designed myself on the production line are the most important parts of my job.
  3. ③ I get to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from watching my designs begin to take shape. I look forward to the day when we can all work together.

Yuki Sakabe

3. Procurement Section, Cost Planning Department:
Akari Suzuki(Joined the company in 2016)

  1. ① My job mainly involves filling in the purchasing chits for products purchased from suppliers, calculating and checking the sums to be paid, and making up the payment details.
  2. ② Because I am handling the invoices (monetary) for products delivered, I mustn’t make mistakes under any circumstances. Communicating with the people around me is also an important part of my job.
  3. ③ Although it’s much harder doing a job for which you are being paid than it is to be a student, it’s a great company to work for as the veteran workers and everybody else are very kind.

Akari Suzuki

4. Casting Section, Tochigi Manufacturing Department:
Kojiro Isaka(Joined the company in 2015)

  1. ① My job involves casting, in which I melt the aluminum ingots in the furnace and then press the molten metal into molds with the use of a machine.
  2. ② The most important part of my job is guaranteeing quality. Passing defective parts down to subsequent processes greatly inconveniences the customer, so I do everything I can to make sure this never happens.
  3. ③ I hope you will keep a firm hold on your dreams, establish yourself as working harder than others, and I look forward to working with you to make sure that Japanese skills change the future for the better.

Kojiro Isaka

5. No.3 Section, Tochigi Manufacturing Department:
Takuma Tashiro(Joined the company in 2016)

  1. ① My job involves machine processing. I mainly work on processing parts for Suzuki.
  2. ② The most important part of my job is maintaining safety. I also place the emphasis on quality.
  3. ③ KSK is a great company that teaches you everything you need to know about converting from a student to an adult. I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Takuma Tashiro

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