KSK plays an active role as a company entrusted with manufacturing by society

In order to procure parts with superior levels of quality, technology, price, environmental consideration and delivery periods while respecting the concept of free competition, the Procurement Department deals with suppliers in a fair and just manner and promotes co-existence and co-prosperity by creating relationships of mutual trust.

1. Strict Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In addition to being in strict compliance with all laws and regulations related to trading, we also maintain thorough confidentiality based upon the stipulations laid down in our internal regulations regarding all administrative information, sales information and other confidential corporate information collected during procurement activities.

2. Quality First

We require all of our suppliers to establish quality assurance systems to prevent defects before they occur in order to continue supplying our customers with reliable products.

3. Open and Fair Procurement

Our doors are always open to suppliers interested in dealing with us in order to guarantee open and fair trading both at home and overseas. We look forward to welcoming new partners willing to trade with us in a competitive manner.

4. Risk Management

Risk management is a vital factor for being prepared for earthquakes, the outbreak of fire, natural disasters and all other unpredictable events, and we require all of our suppliers to investigate and implement preventative safety measures.

Recruitment & Procurement Information