KSK provides full support to ensure the growth of employees through various training programs.

The people employed under the regular recruitment plan begin a three-day training program under the tutelage of instructors from management training schools the day after they enter the company on March 21. They also receive training from department heads, followed by basic training, skill training, factory visits and other such training over the course of the subsequent three months. We have also established a forum in which the new recruits are given the opportunity to provide presentations on the results of their training in front of department heads and other executives to sum up the achievements of the programs.

1. Training Prior to Entering the Company

Employees are provided with training on the knowledge they require to work at the company, the concepts behind what it means to be an adult and other subjects before they enter the company via reports.

2. Greeting and Manner Training

Greeting and Manner Training

Companies are organizational entities. Because of this, we believe that communications and the ability to pleasantly greet fellow workers are extremely important in being able to move ahead with work.

3. Classroom Lectures

Classroom Lectures

Employees are provided with a firm understanding on the basics of each task with the people in responsible positions in each department and the people in charge of government agencies acting as the instructors.

4. Practical Production Line Trainings

  • Practical Production Line Trainings
  • Practical Production Line Trainings

KSK is a manufacturing company. New recruits learn the basics of this through practical training on the production lines. The people in charge of each production line provide firm support.

5. Special Training

Special Training

(1) Basic Skills Training

KSK manufactures its products with the use of the machines of yesteryear that have supported us throughout. No matter how far digitalization advances throughout the world, we still believe that knowledge and the five senses are extremely important.

  • Basic Skills Training
  • Basic Skills Training

(2) KYT (Hazard-Prediction) Training

The element that must be given priority in the execution with ones’ duties is safety. New recruits learn how to predict hazards before they arise and receive practical training in making improvements.

KYT (Hazard-Prediction) Training

(3) Visits to Other Companies

New recruits are provided with training to enhance their ability to sense superior products through visits to factories operated by Toyota Motors and other related companies.

  • Visits to Other Companies
  • Visits to Other Companies

(4) Head Office Training

The president provides new recruits with easy-to-understand lectures on KSK thought processes and policies, and on what it takes to become a KSK employee.

6. Training Result Presentations

Training Result Presentations

The final part of the training program is to examine the results of the training that the new recruits were involved with during the training period. Once the presentations have been completed, each recruit will receive on-the-job-training (OJT) at their assigned posts, and will receive all support necessary from them to develop into upstanding KSK employees.

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