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Metal Part Binding Structures

Metal part binding structures capable of binding parts onto hard metal products. This method joins two parts with differing levels of hardness together using plastic flow binding technology, where the ends of spindle-shaped part are pressed into the holes that exist on a ledge until they are connected together, and culminating in a softer metal being poured into the holes.

Metal Part Binding Structure and Device

A method and device for joining together metal parts using the plastic-flow bonding method in which parts made of hard materials are pre-processed with grooves into which parts made of soft materials are poured by applying pressure in order to join the two parts together.

Folding Gearshift Lever

A gearshift lever equipped with a tilting mechanism that enables the position of the knob to be modified vertically through three stages was added to the horizontal folding mechanism.

AT Selection Lever

A selection lever for automatic transmissions equipped with a horizontal folding mechanism, based on the gearshift lever for manual transmissions.

Powered Gearshift

A mechanism and control system for reducing the amount of force needed to operate gearshifts, equipped with a power motor, a decelerator, a sensor and a controller.

AMT Gearshift Lever

An AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) gearshift lever comprising of a guiding mechanism to guide the movement of the shift lever and a detent mechanism for positioning the shift lever in a single structure

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