Protecting health and safety, and promoting the formation of pleasant working environments.

KSK has established a system for continually improving health and safety in order to protect the health and safety of every person who works for the company, and we are now aiming at creating safe and pleasant working environments.

Health and Safety

Examples of Health and Safety Initiatives

1. Eradication of Hazardous Locations

Hazard-prevention measures aiming at zero accidents (Installation of curved mirrors within business locations, evacuation route markings for each individual production line, improvements to die-cast mold storage locations, etc.)

  • The implementation of employee awareness activities through the installation of safety gates.
  • The installation of sports drinks dispensers to prevent heatstroke.
  • The implementation of practical hands-on KYT (hazard prediction) training for new employees.

2. Active Implementation of Health and Safety Training

  • Basic safety and hands-on training at safety training facilities.
  • The implementation of training in labor-accident prevention, road safety, health, and physical and mental health.
  • Employee awareness training through the issuance of Health and Safety Newsletters (issued four times per year).
  • The implementation of counselling for employees with high scores in the stress check table.

Examples of Health and Safety Initiatives for Reference Purposes: Tochigi Plant

Examples of Health and Safety Initiatives for Reference Purposes: Hokkaido Plant