Ensuring that our in-house technological skills and development skills mature in alignment with our slogan of

Tetsuro KomabaPresident & Chief Executive Officer Tetsuro Komaba

Making sure that we continue to receive high acclaim from our customers for our ability to continue with our Kaizen activities, our technological skills and our manufacturing skills, we at KSK constantly think about how we can contribute to society via the automotive industry and have established a system in which we are able to supply products that provide optimal quality at competitive low prices as swiftly as possible in the quantities needed when they are needed.

Attention is being focused on the keywords IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data recently, and advances in information technology is drastically changing our daily lifestyles. Business conditions are also being drastically changed within the manufacturing industry, and in response to this, we are forging ahead with the integration of people, commodities and the Internet based on our slogan of “Creation based on intelligence and the five senses”. We believe that accepting all challenges involved in new technologies and manufacturing methods in order to provide our customers with viable suggestions while balancing technology and humanity will help us forge a path into a new era.

We are also working hard to improve our working environments by ensuring that we become a company in which everybody, regardless of their age, can work safely and with peace of mind (Age-Free Company / Barrier-Free Factories). Our aim is to become a company in which all employees can work comfortably in safety and without anxiety and be happy to be in our employ, which will also help us gain the trust of society at large.

In our role as a manufacturer of automobile parts, the target of Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo is to become a mainstay in achieving growth for the automotive industry.

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